This Is What It Looks Like When Obama Takes A Stroll To Meet Random People

Senior Writer
05.22.14 14 Comments

According to the White House’s YouTube channel (that unfortunately isn’t just old videos of Socks the Cat chasing lizards), President Obama decided to take some time out from his trip to the Department of the Interior to casually walk around and mean random people. If this is all just a clever ruse, put forth by our government to distract us while a real Godzilla monster is lured from the Earth’s core to fight Mothra, the actors that were hired are top notch, because they all seem genuinely shocked to meet the Average Joe-mmander in Chief. Especially the mom toward the end. Hoo boy, she looked like she just showed up to a surprise Phil Collins concert.

And then there were the bros, especially the guy with tight jeans shouting random one-word phrases of joy like, “Obama!” and “Hope!” and “Charity!” as if he was actually mocking the president. Did that guy and his friends end up getting a photo with Obama or have they been detained and transferred to a dungeon beneath the Lincoln Memorial? I think we all know the answer to that.

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