This New Gun Safety PSA Features Children Playing With Their Moms’ Dildos

If you want to get people talking about your new PSA that handles the very serious subject of gun safety, there are plenty of ways you can go. For example, you could hire a celebrity spokesperson to speak in a very serious and solemn tone, so people will share it and say things like, “Hey, Spencer Pratt thinks we should hide our guns in hard-to-reach places in our homes” and make their friends and family click on it. Or you could be like the organization Evolve and release a PSA that looks like this one, and has two adorable children sword-fighting in their front yard, using their mothers’ sex toys as they watch.

Evolve’s message, as created by the McCann Erickson ad agency, is “If they find it, they’ll play with it,” and people are certainly going to talk about two kids fighting with dildos. There’s no doubt about that.

“It presents it in a way thats humorous, it creates some levity for engaging someone in the conversation,” [Evolve co-founder Rebecca] Bond explained. “When you start to talk about play things and how you secure those things … it’s an easier way into the conversation. You start to make people think.” (Via the HuffPo)

It’s definitely going to start easier conversations with questions like, I’m guessing, “Hey, did you see those kids playing with their moms’ dildos?” It’s a bold and pleasurable move, Evolve.

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