This Video Just Scored A Goal In Pop Culture And Sports Mashuppetude

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Better luck next time, 4th place video editor.

We usually don’t post sport videos here, considering WithLeather and KissingSuzyKolber have that masterfully locked down, but occasionally a sports video comes along with a strong pop culture bent. I won’t give away the punchline in the magnificent mashup below, although there are hints in the headline and this text. In summation, there were two sections in this video when I went from thinking, “Ugh, sports” to screaming, “This is the best day ever!

A clever Irishman noticed that announcer Michael Corcoran for RTÉ Radio 1 sounded like someone else when he gets excited. This YouTube member then edited together two Irish rugby union Heineken Cup matches in which goals were scored by Munster’s star player Ronan O’Gara (pictured at right on an extra-classy day). O’Gara is the highest point scorer for both Munster and Ireland and was instrumental in a match nicknamed the “Miracle Match”. (Thanks, Wikipedia. I hope you weren’t lying about all that, because I’m not even 100% certain these things called “rugby” and “Ireland” really exist.)

Now that the sports-related backstory is out of the way — and, honestly, you can enjoy this video just fine without rugby knowledge — let’s get to the funny stuff:



[Hat trick tip: Reddit and GeorgieCasey]


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