Tom Hanks Dances Up A Storm Doing The Weather On Univision


I was just thinking the other day how “Larry Crowne” seems like the worst name for a movie I’ve ever heard of. I mean, who’s dying to see that based on the title alone? “Oh that sounds EPIC,” said no one. It’s even worse than “Harry Brown,” that Michael Caine vehicle from a couple of years ago, simply because of the extra “E.” That’s just pretentious.

And who better to star in a movie titled “Larry Crowne” than Tom Hanks, America’s favorite everyman who actually looks like his name could be Larry Crowne? He also co-wrote, directed and produced it, so Hanks has a lot invested in the success of the film, which nobody seems to be buzzing about. Perhaps then it’s easy to understand then why one of the biggest movie stars in the world, still, is so desperate to sell this that he would go on a Univision show for four segments and dance with the show’s resident voluptuous Mexican weather girl while doing the weather. He’s basically screaming, “Look how zany I am, Spanish-speaking people! Now come see my movie!”

Still, Tom Hanks seems like a nice, fun guy.

(Via Deadline Hollywood)

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