The New Yorker’s Cartoons Are Better When Every Caption Is About Sucking D*ck

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10.24.13 6 Comments

suck my dick new yorker

There will never be a better New Yorker cartoon caption than, “My wife is a slut.” Just accept that fact and move on. But a close second is anything having to do with sucking d*cks, which is why siblings Nate and Emily Heller have devoted an entire Tumblr, “Suck My Dick, New Yorker Cartoon Caption,” to captioning every hoity-toity, Upper West Side cartoon with something having to do with d*cks and the act of sucking them.

It’s a confusing premise, I know, so here are some examples.

suck my dick 11

suck my dick 10

suck my dick 9

suck my dick 8

suck my dick 7

suck my dick 6

suck my dick 5

suck my dick 4

suck my dick 3

suck my dick 2

(Via Suck My D*ck, New Yorker Cartoon Caption)

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