Two English Women Dumped The Same Guy With A Banner On A Highway

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07.02.14 4 Comments

This morning’s commute to work probably really sucked for anybody named Steve Frazer who might have been traveling on the A1, north of Birtley in Gateshead, England. Specifically, the Steve Frazer who was dating two girls at the same time, because they definitely found out about his cheating heart and devised a little plan to publicly shame him for it. That plan involved making a giant banner (above) that had his face across from theirs with the statement, “Steve Frazer you’re dumped by both of your girlfriends” written in big, colorful letters, and hanging it on the side of an overpass somewhere near the Angel of the North. I don’t know much about where this all went down, but the point is that it was a pretty sick revenge burn.

While the details of how the two girls found out about each other are still vague, the Chronicle Live reported that they had enough time to take a selfie together – they could pass for twins, so that might have been his motive (or perhaps proof this is fake) – to add to the banner that was eventually taken down today. The greatest shame would be Steve being late to work and not even seeing it. Thank god for the Internet.

I’ll be on the lookout for any possible “FAKE!” updates, as I’ve been fooled by wacky morning radio DJ stunts before. Do they have wacky morning radio DJs in England? I bet England had them first and then we just adapted them to our own tastes.

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