Watch Russell Brand Deconstruct A Fox News Segment To Demonstrate How It’s A ‘Terrorist Organization’

06.27.14 49 Comments

Not content to just shame the hell out of the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe right to their faces, shaggy comedian/social critic/philosopher Russell Brand has turned his focus to exposing how, in his words, Fox News is “more dangerous than ISIS,” the militant  jihadist group causing all the trouble in Iraq these days. Breaking down an absolutely batsh*t rant Judge Jeanine Pirro recently delivered on her Fox News show, Brand offers some simple but penetrating insights into why he thinks the cable news network is a “fanatical terrorist propagandist organization.”

For instance, when Pirro warns Fox News viewers that militant “infidel” forces in Iraq are “coming for us,” Brand retorts: “Hold on, they’re not. They’re not coming. Also, it’s interesting when she says, to them, we are the infidels. Meaning that she regards them as the infidels. Which means unclean, disconnected from God. Don’t try to counter religious extremism with religious extremism.”

When Pirro suggests that the way to remedy recent uprisings in Iraq is to “bomb them, keep bombing them, bomb them again, and again,” Brand replies: “F*cking hell?! When they do these bombings it creates more insurgents, that’s what creates them. Don’t think of a bomb as going down there and destroying stuff, think of it as like a seed that goes into the ground, and grows insurgents out of it. It creates more terrorism, doing it.”

He goes on from there: “It’s invective, just incendiary language, just volatile combative, angry language…That — I’m not being just sensational — that is more dangerous than ISIS. That attitude. That’s far-reaching. That’s affecting millions and millions of people.”

I can’t say that I disagree with a single point he makes.

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