We Have Two New Unskippable Warnings On All DVDs

05.10.12 6 years ago

Hey, look, a new incentive to not buy DVDs!

That ridiculously over-the-top logo, right there, will be your new, unskippable, ten-second long warning on all DVDs when you watch a movie on DVD. Paired with the other classic unskippable warning from the FBI about how stealing movies is wrong.

Here’s the thing: yes, movie piracy is not a victimless crime, and we’d also argue that it’s pointless — unlike music, if you don’t want to pay ten bucks to see a movie, all you really have to do is wait about six months and you can get it from Netflix or Redbox for dirt.

But does the government realize that annoying warnings like this are one of the reasons why people download pirated movies in the first place? To avoid all this unskippable crap?

(Image courtesy the National Intellectual Property Rights Protection Center)

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