Weiner Packs It In

06.16.11 8 years ago

New York Representative Anthony Weiner resigned today, meaning we can finally stop making Weiner puns.  If you haven’t been following this story (lucky you), Weiner sent out pictures of his weiner, said he was hacked, finally admitted he did it, the internet reacted (and then some), things got even more gross, and now he’s resigning.  And if you still want to know more details (why?) there’s a recent timeline of events and a press video with former porn star Ginger Lee (pictured above) at HuffPo.

So why did Weiner finally give it up?  One rumor going around is that an ethics investigation was going to be launched, which would dredge up an older investigation over campaign funding.  All that is boring as hell, so here’s a timeline of Weiner puns in newspaper headlines, via BestWeekEver:

More pun headlines available at Buzzfeed.

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