Megan Fox, Mike Tyson Star In ‘Megan Fox Island’

Entertainment Editor

Megan Fox and Mike Tyson star in a commercial for CCAA, a language school in Brazil, and we will now forever be in CCAA’s debt for introducing us to the concepts of “Megan Fox Island” and “Mike Tyson Island.” The former one will be added to our list of potential wishes if we ever meet a genie, and the latter will be used as a threat to scare our children with when pretending to call Santa just isn’t hardcore enough.

The ad is below, and we’ve also found a “making of” video from the Oxnard, California, set of the shoot last September. With that said, I’ve got some bad news, guys: I watched both videos, and it turns out they didn’t clone Megan Fox. It’s just some sort of special effects to advertise classes or soda or car insurance or gum — I’m not sure. I stopped paying attention because there were multiple Megan Foxes followed by a Mike Tyson palate cleanser. Whatever they’re selling, we’ll take three and only defile two of them.

And here’s a “behind the scenes” clip…

[Video via JustJared.]

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