Will Ferrell Went Full Twihard On ‘Conan’ Over The Kristen Stewart-Robert Pattinson Breakup

Editorial Director
08.03.12 2 Comments

I promise I’m not going into Friday mornings intent on writing about Will Ferrell dropping by late night talk shows. It’s just that — and it’s probably the hungover college kid in me typing — there’s something about Will Ferrell doing his Will Ferrell thing on late night television that screams Friday morning.

Since he’s the undisputed king of internet-baitable moments it’s no surprise that Will did a masterful “Twihard reacting to Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson” last night on Conan, and it’s sure to get play everywhere today. Not to spoil anything, but — for our video-averse friends out there — highlights include: “She goes by K-Stew,” the invention of the term “Trampire,” and “You would never know!”

If there’s anyone who would never know it’s Conan. That giant ginger has never felt the simultaneous joy and agony of epic love. Will recalling the time he met W below for good measure. The rest of the interview here.

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