A Woman’s Long-Lost Wedding Ring Turned Up In The Most Unexpected Place

06.30.14 4 years ago

ABC News

Tucker, a 10-year-old Rottweiler mix, is notoriously known in his household as “the food burglar.” But his owners, especially one Lois Matykowski, must be singing his praises tonight. That’s because shortly after coughing up a recently-swallowed popsicle stick, he suddenly puked out a very special surprise: Matykowski’s wedding ring that had gone “missing” six years ago.

When Matykowski walked up to Tucker’s vomit with cleaning supplies in her hands, she spotted something sparkly.

There it was– her diamond ring that disappeared six years ago.

“I screamed. I kid you not,” Matykowski said.

Matykowski brushed the ring very gently with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste, and it looked exactly the same just like six year ago.

“He loves anything that smells good. He will eat whatever he could get his hands on,” Matykowski said. “We try to stick to dog treats, but he is 55 pounds and his front paws can grab snacks pretty easily.”

Tucker’s veterinarian said the popsicle stick might have dislodged the ring. The vet also gave Tucker a full X-ray to make sure that there was no more hidden treasures in his belly.

I realize it was Tucker’s fault the ring disappeared in the first place, but hey, the last time I saw something worth thousands pop out of my dog’s mouth was…uhh, never. Can we please get Tucker, Obie, the awe-inspiring dachshund, and Coco, the croon-happy canine, to all join forces as some kind of dog super-group? I feel like the world would be a better place.

Via ABC News

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