Bareknuckle Fights On A Boat Is A Real Thing That’s Happening

From the gloriously insane land that is Florida comes Back Yard Brawls Extreme Fighting Series, or BYB Extreme, if you’re pressed for time. The brain child of renowned underground fighting legend and friend of Kimbo Slice, DaDa 5000, BYB Extreme calls itself the “gray area between MMA and boxing” which is interesting because both of those combat sports require gloves, and BYB is entirely bare knuckle.

On Friday, June 5, BYB Extreme will hold its first major event, dubbed Battleship I. The reason for the name is simple: The fights will take place on a boat (I’m guessing some form of garbage barge) in international waters, where, as we all know, ANYTHING GOES! It’s not listed on the card, but we all know that monkey knife fights will be the preliminary bouts.

As for the actual human fights, they will take place inside a triangle-shaped cage, with an option to dub it either The Triangle, The Diamond, The Triamond, or the Triagon. The small size of The Triagon is meant to encourage confrontation and leave little room for fighters to maneuver away from each other.

Jermayne “Redman” Barnes is probably the craziest BYB fighter who’s been profiled so far. When speaking about his opponent, Arturo “The Butcher” Gallant, Barnes said:

“What I can tell you is, I’m going to f*ckin’ cripple him. I don’t care if he has kids, I don’t give a f*ck if he has a family, I don’t care if he has a wife, I don’t care if he has friends. He’s gonna step in here, and he’s gonna f*ckin’ leave on a f*ckin’ stretcher, or he’s gonna leave with f*ckin’ IVs running out his arms.

If he’s living after, we can be cool after.”

That’s pretty intense, but what would you expect from a fighting organization that rates competitors not based on weight class, but uses ammunition caliber to set up divisions? Barnes and Gallant are both 50 Cal fighters, while Alfonso “Chocolate” Frierson is a 38 Special, and his fighting style is “Straight Hands.”

If you think you can stomach it, BYB Extreme Battleship I will be available as an i-PPV for only $9.99 starting at 9 p.m. EST.