Watch A Boxing Referee Get Drilled In The Throat With A Right Hook

If a referee takes a heavy right hook to the throat, you better believe the Uproxx Sports team is going to be on top of it. That’s our promise to you.

Last night at Polish boxer Maciej Sulecki knocked out Hugo Centeno in the 10th (final) round of their middleweight fight at the UIC Pavillion in Chicago. It was a fast-paced battle, but neither man could really land anything up until the referee took a strike to the throat at the end of round 7. Like a boss, he no-sold the punch and went about his refereeing business. It was frankly pretty impressive. Not many people can take a relatively unexpected throat punch from a pro middleweight boxer and walk away to continue their job seconds later.

You can watch the full fight here if you want. It’s pretty okay!

But really, we should be looking at one more slow-mo replay of the badass ref.

Only if the ref got knocked down then did the patented Undertaker situp would this be better.

If you didn’t have time to watch the fight, here’s that 10th round knockout. Very impressive. It may not have been the most exciting fight in the world, but these two highlights sure make it memorable.