Former Strikeforce Heavyweight Brett Rogers Is Homeless And Being Charged With Groping Men In Bathrooms

01.19.17 1 year ago


The MMA world hasn’t heard a whole lot from Brett “Da Grimm” Rogers since he was released from his Strikeforce contract following an arrest for domestic assault back in 2011, and it turns out there’s a good reason for that.

Though Rogers has been fighting actively in independent promotions until as recently as 2015, his latest arrest report reveals that the hardest times have fallen upon the man who almost dethroned Fedor Emelianenko (before being nearly beheaded by Fedor Emelianenko). I’ll let the Twin Cities Pioneer Press explain:

Brett Charles Rogers, known as Brett “Da Grimm” Rogers in the fighting world, was charged this month with two counts of fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of interfering with someone’s privacy, according to two criminal complaints filed against him in Ramsey County District Court.

Rogers, who is reportedly homeless, was in the basement of the George Latimer Central Library in downtown St. Paul in mid-November when he groped a library employee while riding beside him in an elevator, according to one of the complaints.

Now strap in your seat belts, because it only gets weirder from here.

According to the report, Rogers was then reported to police on January 4th after “asking a man who was standing next to him at a urinal inside a bathroom if he wanted to engage in sexual activity inside one of the stalls” and then “grabbing his buttocks” when the man declined him. Then, after being brought in on aforementioned sexual conduct charges, Rogers was accused of inappropriately touching his cellmate while he slept.

Rogers’ cellmate was sleeping when he woke to find Rogers fondling him, court documents say. He opted not to call guards out of fear that Rogers, who he described to police as “the biggest and strongest dude in the jail,” might hurt him before help arrived. He reported the incident as soon as he was released from his cell, the criminal complaint said.

When questioned about it, Rogers said his cellmate was lying.


Here’s Roger’s mugshot, in case that’s your sort of thing.

Twin Cities Pioneer Press

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