Things Got Ugly And Personal When CM Punk Confronted A Stalker At A UFC Q&A

So damn awkward.

The UFC hosted a Q&A with fans on Friday ahead of UFC on FOX 16. It was supposed to be friendly, a chance for fans to talk to former WWE champ and current UFC fighter CM Punk. Unfortunately, things went sideways when a man named Dillon Pousson got up to the mic.

Pousson: “You might remember me on Twitter blowing you up all the time asking for a fight”
CM Punk: “You might remember me from Twitter is the greatest Troy McClure that the Simpsons ever, ever used.”
Pousson: “Are you finished?”
CM Punk: “No, I’m here all day, but guess who’s finished? You are. Bye.”

That should have been the end of it. The moderator asked someone (security?) to remove the man from the mic. But it escalated from there when Pousson took what appears to be a cheap shot at Punk’s sister.

Pousson: “I could beat your sister’s pussycat up!”

If Pousson’s goal was to embarrass himself, um, bravo. Well done sir. Naturally, he’s soaking up all the attention.

As a result of his massive trolling, Pousson was banned from training at his gym. Oh, did we mention Pousson is an MMA fighter with a reported 3-0 record?

How long before Dana White sets this fight up? UFC 192?