CM Punk Has A Huge Weight Cut To Make Ahead Of His UFC Debut

The UFC had their UFC 203 media call featuring heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic and challenger Alistair Overeem, but the big news, as expected, revolved around CM Punk. It seems like Phil Brooks, who is finally making his way to the UFC Octagon, has a hell of a weight cut in front of him.

With just seven days to go until weigh-ins, he revealed that he’s currently above 200 pounds. For some experienced wrestlers or MMA vets, this is totally doable, even though it’s still unhealthy. But for Punk, this is going to be a nightmare. He has over thirty pounds to cut to make the welterweight limit of 170 pounds.

“It’s terrible. I’m above 200 pounds right now and it’s not going good.”

This, coupled with the whole of the MMA community already writing off Punk after seeing his training footage, makes it seem as if this whole experiment is a disaster. Punk has already put off his debut multiple times after training injuries and surgeries, but now he needs to make weight.

Then he actually has to still fight Mickey Gall, who looked damn good in his UFC debut.

Gall was thrilled at the news that Punk was overweight. If Punk can’t make the limit, Gall will receive 20% of Punk’s sure-to-be hefty purse. But Punk wasn’t having it.

“It would be the most money you made in your entire life, and if you think I’m giving you any of my purse, you are f*cking crazy.”

Who knows if this is Punk playing mind games with Gall. He could be simply working the mic, as expected, to build interest in what many expect to be a trainwreck debut. But what if Punk comes in, weighs-in on the scale without issue, then goes on to win? What then?

(Via TheScore)