A Conor McGregor Fan Pretended To Be A Reporter At The UFC 205 Press Conference And All Hell Broke Loose

Entertainment Editor

Conor McGregor’s meteoric rise to the top of the MMA universe has been thanks to his fists, heart and especially his mouth. His brash sh*t talk has padded his wallet, and has also cultivated a new type of fan that has zero respect for fighters who trailblazed so Conor could brag about his paydays. Take this fan, who infiltrated the UFC 205 press conference with a shirt and tie, then flipped off Eddie Alvarez before being (almost) removed by security.

Granted, the fan/reporter, seemingly had a point. Even if that point wasn’t totally correct. Let’s dig into what he said.

“Eddie Alvarez, you’ve been mentioning that Conor McGregor isn’t a championship fighter, he only has 2-3 rounds (???), yet in your professional career you’ve only went to the 5th round twice and lost one of ’em what the f*ck are you talking about, motherf*cker?!”

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