Donald Cerrone Rips Jon Jones, Telling Him To ‘Stop F*cking Cheating’ In An Epic Rant

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07.10.16 2 Comments

Things might get a little awkward at the Jackson/Winklejohn gym if Cowboy Cerrone and Jon Jones share the mat anytime soon. The UFC 200 Aftermath Panel was full of real talk from Cerrone, who let Jon, and any person who fails a drug test have it.

“The supplement confusion is just a big f*ckin’ cop out, that’s what I think. Jon’s my teammate but these people who say ‘I had a tainted supplement’ no the f*ck you didn’t it doesn’t work like that. It’s really easy. If I have a question about a supplement I take a picture of it and send it to USADA and they give you a thumbs up or a thumbs down it’s pretty cut and dry, man. Quit f*cking cheating, man. That’s what it boils down to.

Then, straight edge CM Punk, who has yet to fight in the UFC or have a single fight in MMA (and yet is on this panel) says anyone who takes drugs is a p*ssy. Cowboy, possibly still enjoying himself from the previous night interjects, and says “I smoke a lot of pot. F*ckin’ love it.” Cowboy going full Cowboy. Cowboy and the Diaz bros need to hang out. I’d pay to watch that TV show.

Cowboy then shifts gears from the fun-lovin’ pothead, and says Daniel Cormier fought like a f*g against Anderson Silva. Woo-boy. Luckily Punk calls him out, saying DC’s gameplan was the same as Brock’s. Why fight a dangerous stand-up fighter when you’re a wrestler? People cheered Brock but booed DC? C’mon!

But Cowboy called out Punk, saying, “that’s because you don’t know what the fighter spirit is like.” Damn.

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