Watch Cris Cyborg Throw Down Hard With A Male Sparring Partner

Cris Cyborg is scary. She trains hard, and that’why her average fight time is shorter than a Vine. Finding women her size and her skill level is probably a difficult thing to do for her coaches, so she trains how she can — by beating up men her size. If there was any reason to doubt the fact that Cyborg would very likely be a ranked fighter in the men’s, say, bantamweight division, this video should put it to rest.

It’s important to point out that, yes, this is sparring. No one wants to hurt each other here, but at the same time, she looks pretty darn good going this hard despite getting cracked a couple times. I’ve sat ringside watching some fine fighters of the fairer sex spar hard and get tooled, so this just reaffirms that Cyborg could dominate if she could just make 135. Too bad that will likely never happen. Damn. Well, it’s not like she’s not dominating 145.

So let this video just serve as the latest reminder that Ms. Justino is a badass. We don’t know when she’ll be fighting next, and we don’t know who she could possibly fight next (Holly Holm please move up in weight), but at least we know Cyborg isn’t resting.