Michael Bisping Wants Dan Henderson As His First Title Defense

Bisping wants Hendo. Hendo wants Bisping. Hendo once unleashed such a powerful right hand to Bisping’s chin, the punch was dubbed the H-Bomb and MMA would never be the same. On that fateful night at UFC 100, history was made all over the place. Brock Lesnar destroyed Frank Mir and demanded a Coors Light. GSP was on his way to cementing his place as the best welterweight in history. And Dan Henderson sent Michael Bisping’s consciousness into an orbit that would take NASA years of penny-pinching if they wanted the budget to recover it.

That punch, the H-Bomb, went on to create an endless amount of memes and has no doubt haunted Bisping for a half-decade. It’s genuinely one of the greatest moments in the history of MMA, and now Bisping wants revenge. What’s better — he wants to get revenge and have the middleweight title on the line while doing it.

Speaking to FOX Sports, Bisping laid it all on the line.

I’ll just go out on a limb and say this right now and people can talk (expletive) all they want, but the fight that I want because he’s almost retired — I want Dan Henderson. I owe Dan Henderson one. Everybody knows that. Everybody knows why.

Yes, we all know why.

“He’s still knocking people out, he’s still looking good, but he’s going to retire soon,” Bisping said. “So I would love to get revenge on him before he retires. That is the only reason for wanting him next because soon he’ll be retired and then after that he can stop using that logo of me unconscious with him floating above me. I know people are going to criticize me and say that’s a cop out but for personal reasons, that one has haunted me for a long, long time.

“Then once I dispatch of the old man and I send him packing, then I can take care of “Jacare” and your Weidman’s and your Rockhold’s. They’ll still be there. They ain’t going nowhere. But Dan Henderson is on borrowed time as we speak.”

What’s interesting about the situation is that Henderson is no longer under contract with the UFC. Hendo said his incredible knockout of Hector Lombard at UFC 199 could’ve signaled the end of his fighting career. But for a shot at the UFC title, the only major title the dual-weight Pride and light heavyweight Strikeforce champion doesn’t have*, would be too much for the 45-year-old to pass up.

*  – Hendo won the UFC 17 tournament back in 1998 like a boss.

(Via FOX Sports)