Demetrious Johnson Proves His Greatness Once Again By Easily Knocking Out Henry Cejudo

Demetrious Johnson has rarely been challenged in his nearly 4-year reign as UFC’s flyweight champion. He came intoç as the longest-reigning champion in the company, and had the longest defense streak at seven straight fights. Mighty Mouse is just perfect in this weight class, but all champions eventually fall right? Nope.

Despite the hype that this was to be Mighty Mouse’s toughest fight yet, and despite Cejudo’s impressive looks in the early moments, this was all Mighty Mouse. Yes, Cejudo slammed down Johnson early, and looked like he may actually give him trouble, but MM dissected him, locked in the Muay Thai clinch and decimated the Olympic gold medalist with elbows and knees.


I would never bet against Mighty Mouse, but this was one of the opponents that I actually thought had a chance. Cejudo was a golden gloves champion, and at 10-0, he showed that he belonged in MMA, and could adjust on the fly and rely on overpowering his opponents with his Olympic technique.

But no, we got yet another spectacular DJ performance. I hope Mighty Mouse gets the respect he deserves, because he’s far from a needle mover currently.

How can you deny this man?