Check Out Djamil Chan’s Devastating Knockout Win At Bellator 153

Bellator prelims don’t always have the big name value that draws in casual fans, but they tend to feature some of the best fights on a given weekend of MMA events. During Bellator 153‘s preliminary card, Djamil Chan took on Richard Patishnock. Chan’s got serious striking skills, as coming into the bout, nine of his 12 wins were by knockout or TKO. During a scramble off of a grappling exchange, Chan landed an enormous right hand to Patishnock’s temple, putting his lights out before the follow up left connected. Patishnock fell to the mat in a heap and Chan pounced, landing another right hand. Thankfully the referee swiftly intervened, calling a stop to the action at just past three minutes of the first round.

Congrats on the win, Djamil! We hope to see you on the main card of an upcoming Bellator event.