According To Donald Cerrone, Conor McGregor Ducked Him And Won’t Fight ‘Anyone, Anytime’

On a recent episode of the UFC Unfiltered podcast, Donald Cerrone laid it all out on the line in his usual no-nonsense manner claiming that not only does Conor McGregor do his usual bombastic schtick for the cameras, but McGregor and his team ducked him to fight Nate Diaz who was taking tequila shots in Cabo.

“This dude, he’s good when the cameras are on talking sh*t. You get him in the back(stage), he don’t say nothing. F*ck no. I’ve been in the back many times with him.”

Here’s the thing — Conor McGregor is putting on an act. Sure, that act is an extension of himself, but we’ve seen McGregor post-fight, and typically he’s calm and collected, unwilling to really talk crap about the man who he just mixed blood and sweat with inside the Octagon. It’s Conor’s mic skills that have gotten him (and other fighters) record paydays. There’s no reason for McGregor to go off on people backstage, because that makes no money.

It seems as if Cerrone doesn’t understand this.

Cerrone, should have beef with Conor allegedly ducking him, however. This is some interesting news considering Conor is down to fight anyone, anytime and is still constantly citing the “fact” that Nate Diaz had twenty-five pounds on him despite both men weighing in at virtually the same weight (twice).

But in the current UFC, facts just get in the way of a good story, and a good story is good for business.