Watch These MMA Fighters Fall Out Of The Cage During Their Match

01.30.16 3 years ago

Here’s something you don’t see very often, two guys in a mixed martial arts bout flying out of the cage. In an amateur fight between James Collins and Marty Naves, things took a terrible turn very quickly.

Yeesh, that sounds terrible. We really only know about what happened because UFC lightweight bonus machine Joe Lauzon trains one of the fighters involved. Lauzon offered a little more information:

This kind of thing obviously doesn’t happen often, but it’s not entirely unheard of. It’s usually the result of two (super) heavyweights clashing in a minuscule promotion with only a toothpick to latch the door shut, but as the above video shows, smaller dudes can, ahem, break on through to the other side.

Hopefully everyone comes out of this incident without any major injuries. Maybe they can have a rematch and the promotion can just put a bag of potting soil up against the cage door to make sure it stays closed.

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