Presenting The World’s Definitive List Of The Best MMA Dogs

07.08.15 4 years ago

It’s finally here — the ultimate ranking of dogs owned by people associated with mixed martial arts. I pored over my three initial rankings posts and wrangled some top-notch MMA fans, writers and even a fighter, to provide their dog rankings. As always, there are bound to be some pups that got left out, but don’t worry/ There will probably be another edition of dog ratings.

Honorable Mentions

Every dog that didn’t make the Top 15 should be honored. Actually, all dogs should be honored, they are great!

15. Lee Morrison’s bulldog, Otis: 19.5 points, highest rank — 4th


Katie: OMG IT’S SO TINY!!!

14. Justin Scoggins’ German Shepherd, Stoner: 19. points, highest rank — 3rd

Jonathan: Good name, solid size, a great replacement-level Good Dog. But Stoner really stands out for being the happiest German shepherd I’ve ever seen. Usually, these guys are one of the most serious breeds, but Stoner is all smiles 24/7. Whatever’s in the water at the Scoggins household, he is doing something right raising his dog (it’s weed).

Katie: Another happy car dog! And a cool name.

Chexoid: German shepherds are an extremely top-tier dog, and this guy is no exception. He looks ready to get stuff done. This is a dog you want to have your back.

13. Rashad Evans’ Romeo: 21.9 points, highest rank — 4th

Casey: My Main Man Suga gets his patented stank breath from many puppy kisses from His Main Dog. You can tell in photos how protective he is of his pup, like a mother to a child. Unconditional love puts this little guy on the list

Katie: I love how the dog is just laying on Rashad. I would be completely stuck and unable to move if that dog did that to me.

Jonathan: Another fine example of the maxim “good owner = good dog.” My favorite thing about photos of Romeo is how happy Rashad seems in them. That and how despite becoming a giant lumbering beast, Romeo somehow seems cuter than when he was a puppy. Misses out on the top three due to extreme, world-beating laziness, but his dedication to the art of lounging is itself impressive.

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