UFC Champ Conor McGregor Made A New Celebrity Fan Out Of U2’s The Edge

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12.22.15 3 Comments

Yes, that’s U2 guitarist The Edge putting up his dukes next to UFC featherweight champ Conor McGregor. Both men are Irish, both men are divisive figures in their fields, both men do a lot of work with their hands and on this occasion both men were at the airport as McGregor headed home for the holidays.

Hanging out with a rock star (THIS GUY) seems like a fitting way for McGregor to wind down what’s been a blockbuster 2015 campaign. In case you missed it, the current face of men’s MMA has had a colossal year where he smashed records, earned a ridiculous amount of money, and looks like a go to appear in the latest xXx offering with Vin Diesel. We’re not quite sure where meeting The Edge sits versus McGregor’s thumping of Chad Mendes and first round decimation of Jose Aldo in the year-end power rankings, but we imagine it’s worthy of mention at his Christmas dinner.

On the off chance you need one more reminder that Conor McGregor’s 2015 went well, we’d like to direct you to this “selfie.”

Checks out.

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