Jon Jones And Daniel Cormier Jaw At One Another During A Contentious UFC 200 Faceoff

07.06.16 2 years ago

There was a big press conference for UFC 200 today, and the event was filled to the brim with fans of the sport in Las Vegas for the weeklong International Fight Week. The three main events got together at the end for a staredown, and of course Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier couldn’t stand face to face without it almost turning into a fight. If you listen carefully to the video above, you can hear the back and forth between them.

Cormier: I’m done playing games, you have no idea what you’re in for.
Jones: You said that before.
Cormier: You’re gonna get whooped, you’re gonna get whooped.
Cormier: You continue to play games —
Jones: Shut your mouth.
Cormier: Take this loss, you’re gonna take this loss.
Jones: Shut your mouth.
Cormier: Make me! Make me! Make me!

What’s most interesting is how angry Daniel Cormier seems to get once Jon Jones starts telling him to shut his mouth. It’s at that point that UFC president Dana White gets between them to avoid a repeat of their previous promotional event brawl.

I hate to quote Jon’s terrible smack talk, but he truly does seem to be “balls deep” in Cormier’s head right now. That’s space that should be devoted to keeping calm and fighting a smart fight across five rounds, not getting bent out of shape the second Jones smirks at him. A lot of people are banking on Jones defeating Cormier in similar fashion to their first fight. Daniel’s most recent loss of composure during this face-off isn’t going to change many minds.

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