Jon Jones Finally Opens Up About His Hit-And-Run Incident

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jon jones hit and run

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Jon Jones has had a strange start to 2016. After a hit-and-run incident which stripped him of his title and almost landed him in jail, the pound-for-pound great spent the latter half of 2015 power lifting, leaving many to wonder what a crazy beast he’d be once returning to the cage. But the past three months have seen him get hit with several traffic charges that violated his parole and put his return fight in jeopardy.

All that has been cleared up and Jones is good to step into the cage come April 23, but it leaves people with a lot of questions regarding the state of mind he’s in. And now he’s opening up even more about the period of time in his life which Rolling Stone’s Mike Bohn described as “living in a haze of alcohol and marijuana.”

“This may sound weird, but I believe that God meant for what happened to happen,” Jones said during the interview. “I know a lot of people may twist this or look at it like, ‘Why would God put this girl in a car accident with you? That’s a selfish way of thinking.’ But since that happened, so much good has happened in a lot of people’s lives. I’ve been able to reach thousands of kids.”

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