Kenny Florian’s Profanity-Laced Conor McGregor Impression Is Perfect

Like noted PR-man-turned-grappling-extraordinaire Dave Sholler, Kenny Florian is truly a jack of all trades in terms of what he provides for the UFC. As a fighter, he was one of only two fighters to compete in four different weight divisions (middleweight, welterweight, lightweight and featherweight). As a UFC color man, he has consistently combined the insight of a Brian Stann with the charisma of a Joe Rogan (sorry, Goldie). And as a co-host of UFC Tonight, he’s been a part of some of the greatest moments in the show’s history.

As if that weren’t already enough, Kenflo decided to add yet another feather to his cap on last night’s edition of TUF Talk: master impressionist. Sitting in with former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans — a skilled impressionist in his own right who arguably stole the segment with his riff on Alistair Overeem — Florian trotted out spot-on impressions of Gegard Mousasi, Conor McGregor, and Georges St-Pierre in a segment that would almost convince you that a show called TUF Talk is worth watching.

That said, not a one of Florian’s MMA impressions even hold a candle to his Al Pacino (skip to the 1:34 mark of this video to see what I mean).