UFC 200 Keys To Victory: Can Miesha Tate And Brock Lesnar Prevail?

Welcome to the final installment of Keys to Victory for Fight Week. UFC 200 originally had three titles on the line, plus a huge heavyweight clash. There was some big changes, but there’s still two title fights and a heavyweight super fight to provide game plans for. However, while most editions of Keys to Victory provide a couple of options for each fighter, the sheer volume means each person’s only getting analysis for one path to winning.

Frankie Edgar

Slip N Rip

Edgar’s best bet is to use his very good boxing to dart in, land punches, and zip back out before Aldo can retaliate. If he can frustrate Aldo and get him to start throwing wildly, Edgar can set up some devastating counters and really sit down on his punches to add a lot more power to them.

Jose Aldo

Leg Kicks

Aldo’s kicking game is probably his strongest area, and Frankie Edgar’s in and out movement can be frustrating. If Aldo can slow down The Answer with low kicks, he can also get the fight to a more relaxed pace that will suit him better.

Brock Lesnar

Don’t Shoot Doubles

Mark Hunt has deceptive take down defense. He’s a larger man, so getting hands clasped on a double leg is tricky. Plus, Hunt is one of the strongest dudes in the division, so there’s a good chance he just tosses Brock to the side. However, single leg attempts, plus trip takedowns work very well, mostly because he’s a large guy and doesn’t have the greatest balance.

Mark Hunt


On the chance that Brock does go in for a double leg, Hunt should look to catch Lesnar coming in with a shovel punch or an uppercut. He has knockout wins over Brock’s training partner Chris Tuchscherer and the iron-jawed Roy Nelson when both men ducked low.

Amanda Nunes

Attack, Attack, Attack!

Much like Vitor Belfort, Nunes has a ton of first round finishes, 75% of her total wins, in fact. Outside of that, she’s got a 50% chance to win or lose, so her best bet is to really just go for broke in the first. If Nunes can land some big shots on Tate and either swarm her or just jump on a submission, that’s her clearest path to becoming champion.

Miesha Tate

Weather the Early Storm

Nunes comes out aggressive and looks to finish early. However, Nunes doesn’t have a great gas tank, so if she doesn’t end it quickly, she almost always loses a decision.

You can watch all of these fighters attempt these game plans at UFC 200. The main card is exclusively on pay per view, starting at 10 p.m. ET.