The Kimbo Slice Vs. Ken Shamrock Fight Was Vicious, And So Was The Rest Of Bellator 138

Bellator 138 went down on Friday night, and it was full of crazy action. Here are some clips courtesy of Whipclip.

Kimbo Slice Versus Ken Shamrock Was Crazy

While it was the main event, Slice vs Shamrock is too insane to leave at the bottom of this post. Ken Shamrock walked out with ROAD WARRIOR ANIMAL!

Kimbo countered with highlight clips of his old backyard fighting days. Things were out of control and the fight hadn’t even started yet!

Shamrock got an early takedown, took Kimbo’s back and sunk a deep rear naked choke. The fight looked to be over just as fast as it started.

Slice managed to survive as Ken’s arms gassed out, and Kimbo went on a fight-ending flurry!

Michael Chandler Dominates At Home

Daniel Straus Moves Back Into Title Contention

Next up, former featherweight champ Daniel Straus faced Henry Corrales. Daniel nearly finished Corrales in the first with huge punches, but Corrales survived and the round ended.

In the second, Straus locked up a fight-ending guillotine choke and now he’s looking for a title match.

Bobby Lashley With Another Big Win

In the third fight of the evening, heavyweights collided as Bobby Lashley took on Dan Charles. Lashley used his impressive wrestling to dominate against Charles with big take downs and slams.

Charles’ had a brief moment of hope when he went for a triangle choke, but Lashley, perhaps calling upon his pro wrestling skills, landed a huge powerbomb to escape the submission.

As the second round wound down, both men were tired, but Lashley had just enough left to land some ground and pound to get a TKO stoppage.

Patricio Freire and Daniel Weichel Have a War

In the co-main event, featherweight champ Patricio “Pitbull” Freire took on Daniel Weichel. Bellator really upped the production values, as seen in Freire’s awesome entrance.

Weichel unleashed a big flurry at the end of round one, and for a moment, people thought the fight had been stopped by referee John McCarthy, but it was just the end of the first.

The second was a different story all together, as Freire landed a brutal counter hook, knocking Weichel cold. It must be disappointing to go from thinking you’ve won the fight to waking up on the canvas, all under 45 seconds.

Again, much thanks to WhipClip, who provided all fight footage.