Mark Hunt Provides Delightfully Deadpan Commentary For His Five Most Brutal Knockouts

There’s a good chance a lot of people will be tuning in to UFC 200 on Saturday just to see Brock Lesnar fight, but it is also a huge opportunity for his opponent, Mark Hunt.

Hunt is no stranger to big UFC fights, and he is someone who is capable of knocking Lesnar out in one punch. Hunt has lost his fair share of fights over the years too, but of his 12 wins, eight have come by knockout, including KO wins over Frank Mir in his most recent fight in March, and Antonio “Big Foot” Silva in November.

In fact, several fighters (including Mir) are picking the Super Samoan because of his devastating knockout ability, and Fox Sports recently sat down with Hunt to go over his five best. Hunt watched all of his biggest blows without so much as raising his voice in excitement, keeping his even-keeled temperament throughout and providing some wonderfully deadpanned commentary along the way.

Some highlights include:

  • Hunt saying of his second-round knockout of Chris Tuchscherer in 2011: “All that training for that?”
  • Hunt joking about getting a pedicure from a kick from 6-11 Stefan Struve.
  • Hunt explaining why he didn’t follow-up for a coup de grâce after knocking out Frank Mir by rolling his eyes into the back of his head and saying “he was not even there.”

Hunt probably wouldn’t want to make that same choice with Lesnar though, as he has been known to somehow revive himself after a certain knockout.