Even Michael Bisping’s Son Thinks Dan Henderson Will Beat Him At UFC 204

Michael “The Count” Bisping is perhaps the least likely UFC champion in history. He was doubted by the entire universe heading into his title fight against Luke Rockhold at UFC 199, and also against Anderson Silva at Fight Night 84.

Now with Bisping’s first title defense against Dan Henderson at UFC 204 looming, there’s more doubt. It’s familiar and familial, as his young son, Lucas, has consistently predicted Bisping’s opponents will defeat him.

“Lucas, who’s going to win, me or Anderson Silva?”

“Anderson Silva, I think… because he’s a champion.”

“Did you know I’m fighting to be the world champion, Lucas? Who wins?”

“I think he might be stronger.”

“Well, never mind that. There’s one champion right now, and that’s Luke Rockhold and I get to fight him. Who’s gonna win?”

“I think he will because he might be stronger.”

“I’m fighting Dan Henderson. Who’s gonna win?”

“Dan Henderson.”

“How is Dan Henderson going to win?”

“By knocking you out.”

Ouch, that is just rough to hear Bisping’s own son doubt him so thoroughly. Though, to be fair, Bisping has won the previous two bouts that Lucas predicted a loss, so that might be the kind of reverse jinx to give Bisping another win. On the other hand, it’s not like Hendo hasn’t put Bisping to sleep before.

You can watch Michael Bisping try to prove his son wrong as he takes on Dan Henderson in the main event of UFC 204 for the middleweight title.