An MMA Fighter Suffered A Horrific Leg Injury At Titan FC 39

*WARNING* The videos above and below are graphic.

MMA fighters are no strangers to broken legs. Many fighters, taking tips from the Muay Thai fighters of old, roll bamboo branches across their shins to calcify them in order to make them stronger. I’ve done this, and even doing it once is horrible, so I never did it again. Also — kicking in general sucks. But MMA fighters are cut from a different, badass cloth. Their bodies are machines, put together for combat. But sometimes, machines break. No one is truly safe.

We saw Anderson Silva shatter his leg against Chris Weidman’s knee, and we’ve seen a steady stream of leg breaks over the years. None of them (outside of Anderson and the late Corey Hill) have been as nasty as this.

Titan FC 39 had their featherweight title on the line, and Andre Harrison defeated Deivison Ribeiro in a fashion that no one wants to experience. The leg kick is checked, you hear a brutal *snap* and Ribeiro steps lightly and looks down at his leg. He was probably thinking “oh no” before he put more weight on it and it collapsed underneath him.

There’s a real possibility Ribeiro cracked his shin earlier in the fight, and this was just the straw that broke his shin. If you watch the whole match (it’s pretty good) you can see he starts to favor his leg slightly in the third after a checked kick. Hopefully, he recovers fully.

(Via MiddleEasy)