Watch An MMA Fighter Lose An Amateur Fight Via Running Away In Terror

07.27.16 3 years ago

Chael Sonnen famously said, “when a gangster says he’ll make that walk, he makes that walk.” He’s referring to himself as that gangster, the man who walked the mean streets of West Linn, Oregon, but he’s also referring to every fighter that has had to make that walk to the cage. Some of the toughest fighters in UFC, the pinnacle of the sport, get nerves stepping into the cage. Don’t confuse the theatrics and the honor involved — these men and women are about to get into a fist fight for money and glory, and the person standing across from them want to hurt them. It’s enough to make you want to turn tail and run.

Even Nick Diaz, noted badass, has admitted that he gets scared.

“I have Georges St-Pierre out here telling me ‘you really think I’m afraid of you, man?’ and I’m like you should be, bro. You should be scared out of your mind. I’ll tell you what, I’m scared of him. I’m scared of any fighter I’ve ever fought because they are some dangerous people to be dealing with.”

So it’s okay to be scared in a cage fight, but you still have to admit that turning your back to your opponent and running for dear life isn’t the best defense. You’re probably better off not making that walk if you’re just going to run.

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