This Man Adds Hilarious Commentary To An Already Hilarious 9-Second MMA Knockout

This is perhaps the most literal expression of the proverb “Pride cometh before the fall” possible. It depicts Jason Solomon preening and prancing his way into the Octagon, wherein he is summarily knocked the eff out by his considerably more focused opponenet, Amitesh Chaubey. Of course, everyone loves an MMA knockout, and even more so when it’s this quick and punishing, but the video is made all the better by its running commentary.

Ozzy Man Reviews is a fairly popular YouTube channel wherein a profane-yet-affable (and there is plenty of profanity in the above video) Australian man gives excitable and sarcastic commentary on many types of videos, mostly sporting events and Game of Thrones. He, like the rest of us, delight in Solomon’s quick comeuppance for his ridiculous antics. Perhaps his funniest line was for when Solomon, for some reason, hangs on the bar of the entrance to the ring, prompting Ozzy to say, “Now he’s finally heading into the ring — Oh no, he has to do a f*cking trick. You can’t enter without doing a f*cking trick.” And the eye-roll really comes off in the audio.

This video also has some handy Australian slang to learn in its running time — of course, we all know that “Sheila” is a term for a desirable woman, but did you know a “gobby” is an act of fellatio? We sure didn’t.