Nikita Krylov Employed A Violent Karate Kick To Shut Off Ed Herman’s Consciousness

Nikita Krylov is known as a karate guy. It’s not quite as hyped as Stephen Thompson’s karate, but Krylov’s kicks, combined with his name, gives him a gimmick as a head-kicking heel that is ready to make you pay if you don’t protect yourself from his power at all times and from all angles. Ed Herman learned this lesson at UFC 201.

After a wild exchange, something typical of Herman, the red-headed brawler was destroyed by a beautiful head kick that put him out on his feet until he went face first to the mat. Herman is known as one of the toughest guys in the biz, but the 35-year-old can only take so much damage without it all adding up.

This is one of those highlights where you hope the athlete is okay. Seeing Herman unconscious on the mat is never pleasant, even though the techniques involved were absolutely brilliant. This puts Krylov on a 5-fight winning streak and someone who should probably get a big fight at light heavyweight. Who could he face? Shogun? Or maybe Jimi Manuwa. That would be one hell of a kick fight.