Ronda Rousey Was Reportedly Very Upset And Needed To Be Consoled After Her UFC 205 Appearance

11.24.16 1 year ago 6 Comments

Plenty was made about Ronda Rousey’s surprise appearance at UFC 205 to face off with Amanda Nunes and tease her upcoming return to the Octagon. It was nice to see her back in the sport that made her a recognizable name, but the appearance didn’t come without some controversy.

An awkward moment followed the end of the faceoff with Rousey seemingly storming off the stage to the surprise of Dana White. It seemed like Nunes and Rousey were going to share a few words but that wasn’t supposed to be the case according to White. He addressed the controversy and attempted to clear it away as a production issue:

She was never supposed to speak, and neither was Amanda,” “My production guy screwed that up. It made Ronda look bad again – like she just stormed off.

“They were not supposed to do an interview. They were supposed to go out there and square off, and they were both supposed to walk away.”

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