The Robbie Lawler Era Is Over, Tyron Woodley Gets The Knockout To Become The New UFC Welterweight Champ

Robbie Lawler’s career resurgence has been one of the greatest stories in MMA over the last few years. It’s spawned memes, like 5th Round Robbie, and we’ve been treated to some of the best fights in MMA history during his reign. He has truly supplanted GSP at this point, where a few years ago, we didn’t know what the welterweight division would do without him.

Now that’s over.

Tyron Woodley, after nearly two years away from the sport, becomes the ninth undisputed welterweight champion with a viciously fast knockout of Robbie Lawler. Tyron becomes the second person to knock out Lawler after Nick Diaz, and he now muddies the waters of MMA math. Maybe Robbie believed in his chin a little too much after his recent wars?

Where do we go from here? Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson is waiting in the wings. You know Carlos Condit wouldn’t mind a rematch… Just what the hell is going to happen?

Does Nick Diaz rematch Robbie Lawler now? Will that fight be easier to make? Where are Demian Maia and Rory MacDonald in this picture? Is Rory even going to re-sign with the UFC? This is a big change, and now we’re left with a champion who has come up through the Strikeforce ranks to prove that he’s the best.

This article can only end in one way: STRIKEFORCE NEVER DIE!