Ronda Rousey Goes Full Mike Tyson And Bites Off An Ear On ‘Drunk History’

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Ronda Rousey’s return from the shadows continues with an appearance on the always amusing Comedy Central show Drunk History. As the name implies, Drunk History is a retelling of interesting stories and moments in history, as narrated by s**tfaced historians and recreated by actors. This episode features 2 Broke Girls star Kat Dennings and Ronda in the story of New York brawlers Sadie the Goat and Gallus Mag. We’ll let the (drunk) experts tell the tale, but somewhere along the line Ronda bites off Kat’s ear like an 18th century Mike Tyson.

This may explain how Ronda Rousey and Kat Dennings became BFFs, as detailed by Kat on the Ellen show recently. The two are now part of a knitting club called The Yarn And The Restless where, in Kat’s words, they “knit a scarf and get drunk and make friend memories.”

The Drunk History segment is another solid credit on Ronda’s slowly growing IMDB profile. According to numerous gossip outlets, she spent some of her time off this past year in acting classes, and while Drunk History is hardly the show to try and judge a person on their acting chops, Rousey performs well enough. Is it the thing that’ll resurrect that since-abandoned Road House remake? No. But a few more appearances on other shows and a couple of brutal beatdowns in the cage might.

Rousey will get her chance at the brutal beatdown bit on December 30th at UFC 207 against current women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nuñes. Hopefully no one loses an ear.