Ronda Rousey Has Harsh Words For Critics Who Accused Her Of ‘Lube Shaming’

Ronda Rousey is one of the best fighters in the world, so when she talks about martial arts or fitness, you may want to consider what she has to say. But when it comes to other topics outside of her wheelhouse, maybe take her comments with a grain of salt. Last week the UFC women’s bantamweight champion participated in a sex-advice column for Maxim and dissed lube:

“What should a guy always do? Take his time. In general, a girl takes a minute. He needs to get her ready. You should never need lube in your life. If you need lube, then you’re being lazy … and you’re not taking your time.”

The internet did what the internet does and quickly went into outrage mode, with several websites accusing Rousey of ‘lube shaming.’ Salon brought together half a dozen sex experts, all of whom agreed that lubricant is awesome and Rousey “has no business telling other people how to get off.”

In the first episode of UFC 193 Embedded, a video blog style series that follows the main event fighters during fight week, Rousey reacted with amusement and annoyance to the furor.

“Apparently after the Maxim thing, a whole bunch of articles came out about lube shaming, and that I’ve lube-shamed all the women of the world. Lube shaming! I don’t know, apparently it’s a thing. All I said was if you need lube, you’re lazy. Y’know? Women everywhere are gonna thank me for their guys putting a little more effort and not just going to the store for a shortcut. Aw hell no. If you need some artificial material, you’re not doing your job right. How did our ancestors do it?”

“I’m just saying, what’s the rush? Where’s the fire? Why the lube? I was asked a question — what are you not into? I’m like ‘Get your lube away from me.’ If you need the lube, you’re not the dude. That’s the next catchphrase.”

“We were in a world of open and accepting lubeness until I came along. I’m sorry, I thought I was doing all the girls a favor making sure that all the guys put in some effort. But it sounded like some gritty kitty b****es are really f**king mad at me. I’m like, ‘It’s not my fault you’re working with a sandbox.’ “

Ronda’s perception of what lube is all about is pretty whack, but most of us could see what she was getting at in Maxim. When people started accusing her of lube shaming, it hardly seemed like a real thing. But now we know it’s real … because we just witnessed Rousey lube shaming the hell out of everyone accusing her of lube shaming.

It would have been easy to diffuse the drama by just admitting that yeah, lube is useful in a bunch of different situations. Instead, Ronda doubled down and made fun of people with dry vaginas. It’s just another direct and unflinching comment from the UFC women’s champion that almost seems perfectly designed to cause controversy. Is Ronda Rousey trolling her detractors for the lulz?

Ronda fights Holly Holm this Saturday, Nov. 15, at UFC 193. After the weekend, we’ll see if she has to fight an army of angry sex educators and experts over these comments.

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