Ronda Rousey Emerged From Hiding After Her UFC 207 Beatdown To Get A Concealed Carry Permit

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01.24.17 7 Comments

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Ronda Rousey’s UFC 207 outing could have gone a touch better. Traditionally, comeback fights don’t quite pan out well when Amanda Nunes is beating the sponsorships out of you in front of a global media audience. After her loss to Holly Holm, Rousey leaned hard into a self-imposed exile and it’s not unreasonable to wonder when we might see the former bantamweight champ again. The snoops at TMZ Sports have managed to spot Ronda in the wild over the weekend and… well, the internet’s gonna have jokes.

TMZ snapped pics of Rousey and her boyfriend Travis Browne in a Las Vegas gun shop on Sunday. According to the outlet’s witnesses, Rousey was there to take the special course needed to obtain a concealed carry permit. The Olympic bronze medalist is also reported to have shot a blue Glock 43 9mm pistol at the range. If memory seres, firearms are illegal in most MMA bouts, so this appears to be the “better snap up a gun” portion of Ronda Rousey’s thinking about the future game plan.

If Ronda’s reading (hiiiiiiiiiiii Ron-Ron!), may we suggest other means of keeping Amanda Nunes away? Like a moat or a large butterfly net or not professionally fighting her for money? Just an idea. Think of what Dalton would do, Ronda.

(Via TMZ Sports)

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