Former UFC Champ Shane Carwin Delivered A Devastating KO With One Arm Literally Tied To His Torso

It seems like yesterday when Shane Carwin was knocking people out left and right before he took the UFC interim heavyweight belt and nearly finished Brock Lesnar. If you can recall, Carwin started his MMA career 12-0, with 12 first round finishes. He had 5 submissions, yes, but those submissions only came after his opponent was knocked silly by his XXL soup can fists. Now, Carwin is flirting with a UFC return and is warming up by taking on radio personality Jason Ellis with one hand tied to his torso.

The weird event where this all took place was called Ellismania 13. According to reports, Ellis lasted until round 2, where he was knocked down, then knocked out shortly after. Ellis is known for wild stunts and putting on weird events, but no one wants to get punched upside the head by Shane Carwin. The former champ’s massive fists made Brock Lesnar’s look small, and his punching power is arguably the heaviest in MMA history. Even if this was a half punch, it still killed an army of brain cells.

That’s unfortunate. Ellis is an on again, off again fighter, so he knows how to handle himself, but did he really think he could take a Carwin punch? Even at the age of 41, Carwin probably hits like a truck.

Let’s consider that while we relive some classic Shane Carwin brutality.

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