Tyron Woodley And Stephen Thompson Battle To A Draw At UFC 205

Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson went through five rounds of war, trading rounds back and forth in a battle that will go down as a Fight of the Year candidate. At the end of the fight, Bruce Buffer read the decision and handed the win to Tyron Woodley, only to be corrected as Woodley was interviewed by Joe Rogan in the cage. The correct score: 48-47 Woodley, and 48-48 draws from the other two judges. The fight was a majority draw.

It didn’t look good for Stephen Thompson early in the fight. Practically the first kick he threw was caught by Woodley, who put Thompson on his back and started working him over with ground and pound that opened a bad gash on Wonderboy’s nose. But in the second Thompson came back, hitting Woodley with a spinning back kick to the ribs that had the champion grimacing. From there Thompson used his speed and distance to dart in and out, working Woodley over.

But in the fourth round, Woodley caught Thompson flush to the face with a looping right hook, dropping him to the mat. He followed that up with a flurry and a guillotine choke that seemed all but guaranteed to finish the fight. But somehow Thompson held on and made it to the end of the round, and in the fifth it looked like Woodley’s cardio was shot. Thompson lit him up with impunity, taking the final round.

But with Woodley taking the 1st round and 4th round 10-8 on many cards, it set up the perfect storm to create the most unsatisfactory and rare of results: a draw. Still, you can’t be too upset when you get to witness a fight like this. Looks like they’ll have to do it again!