An Incredibly Serious Breakdown of How a Fight Between Steven Seagal and George Foreman Would Play Out

10.04.17 2 years ago

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So here’s what we know: Yesterday, at approximately 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, 68-year-old former two-time heavyweight champion boxer George Foreman challenged 65-year-old actor Steven Seagal to a 10-round, style vs. style fight via the following tweet.

When asked to confirm his reasons for throwing down such a bewildering gauntlet, Foreman only added that he plans on “fighting one more time” and that Seagal “is a true fight.” Oh and also that the fight would do 2 million pay-per-views guaranteed. And that he was currently shopping the idea to “Mayweather promotion.”

Obviously, this is a story that affords a lot of questions. A LOT of questions. Has Foreman finally lost the plot? Would a fight like this even stand a chance of getting sanctioned? Is Foreman only challenging Seagal to set up a fight with Vladimir Putin down the line and end the impending second Cold War? Is this somehow all Conor McGregor’s fault?

I’m not here to answer those questions (except for the second, which is yes, likely because of the fourth, which is also yes). I’m here to set any personal bias or common logic aside and provide an incredibly serious breakdown of exactly how this fight would play out, were it to happen.

Let’s go to the tape:

George Foreman

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