Tito Ortiz Bragged About His Massive Payday From Betting Against Ronda Rousey

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You have to love easy bets! #ufc207

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Tito Ortiz won’t be fighting for UFC gold ever again (lord willing), but the dude can still earn a tidy sum of cash during a championship fight. His strategy? Bet against Rousey and earn over $70,000 for the trouble.

Amanda Nunes completely decimated the former bantamweight champ and called for the end of “this Ronda Rousey nonsense” at UFC 207. Ortiz showed off the spoils of betting against Rousey with a ticket showcasing a $77,500 payday on a $50,000 ticket. Adding insult to injury, The Huntington Beach Bad Boy quipped: “You have to love easy bets!”

“Easy” or no, putting money on a big ticket fight isn’t always a formula for Scrooge McDuck level winnings. Just look at the curious case of (Vegas) Dave Oancea. In 2016, the dude managed to score big with a $77K bet on Miesha Tate beating Holly Holm that pulled in nearly $200K in winnings. That win led to betting a cool million on the newly title-minted Tate in her UFC 200 tilt against Nunes, a follow-up bet that sure as sugar did not pay off for the gambler. Let this be a reminder at the New Year to gamble responsibly and that goes for Moneybags Tito, too.

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