Miami Rapper Trick Daddy Weighs In On Kimbo Slice Vs. Dada 5000

If you don’t know who Trick Daddy is, “baby, he’s a thug”. More professionally, he’s a rapper out of Miami. Being that he’s over 40 and has spent the bulk of his time in Dade county, Trick Daddy is familiar with both sides of the Bellator 149 co-main event, Kimbo Slice and DaDa 5000. In a (and I seriously cannot stress this enough SUPER NOT SAFE FOR WORK) video Trick Daddy gives his opinion on how he thinks that fight will go down.


Maybe I’m dumb and naive, but it seems odd to proclaim one of your friends is going to get extremely criticized by another friend, but you’re still cool with the guy getting the dog mess beat out of him. Apparently Trick Daddy didn’t think people were taking him seriously, so he released another video, that is again, not safe for work.

For those wondering, Trick Daddy is saying he’s betting his convertible on the outcome of the fight. I’m not sure who exactly he’s betting against, unless he’s specifically wagering his “vert” to DaDa 5000, but I do think it’s rather appropriate that a fight as ridiculous and insane as this now has a rapper throwing in vehicular-based bets and is also friends with both of the guys fighting.

You can see Kimbo “Kevin Ferguson” Slice take on DaDa “Dhafir Harris” 5000 in the co-main event of Bellator 149 on February 19.