One Of The Best UFC Knockouts Of All_Time Just Happened At UFC 197

It’s like, EA UFC 2 comes out and there’s a bunch of ridiculous spinning and flying sh*t, and you say to yourself, “this would never happen.”

Then Yair Rodriguez makes video games a reality.

MMA’s an exciting sport, but we don’t get one of these evergreen knockouts often. This is something that will play under a filter for years during the UFC‘s opening credits. We will Face The Pain, and it will be in the form of a shin to the FACE.

This flying kick is truly one of the the best UFC knockouts of all-time, if only because Yair Rodriguez ninja-kicked Andre Fili like an 80’s videogame hero whose girlfriend just got kidnapped. It’s even more impressive in real time.

We’ll probably know a lot more about Yair Rodriguez in the coming days, and this kick will be turned into memes, and everlasting .gifs that will be shared on message boards. Yair Rodriguez became immortal today.

Twitter’s reaction seems to agree. You can check out more replays and reactions to this ridiculousness below.

The switch is insane. Total control.

Yair Rodriguez is 7-1 and undefeated in the UFC. This was the finish he needed to propel him to the next level and into the top-15 at featherweight.