Amanda Nunes Tears Apart Miesha Tate To Become The Women’s Bantamweight Champ At UFC 200

Entertainment Editor
07.10.16 4 Comments

Miesha Tate choked Holly Holm unconscious. She beat the woman who beat Ronda Rousey, her greatest rival. Now we’re here at UFC 200, with Tate the UFC bantamweight champ, looking at Amanda Nunes as her first title defense.

Unfortunately for Miesha, her reign didn’t last long. Nunes started fast and destroyed Cupcake on the feet and then choked her out in a bloody fight that ended in the first round. Nunes was just too quick and too accurate for Miesha, who excels when she turns the fight into a grinding sort of fight. Typically Miesha eats a few punches before imposing her will on her opponent, but tonight Nunes just punched too hard. You could hear the smack of Nunes’ punches against Miesha’s splattered nose. It was brutal.

tate nose

Eventually, a dazed Miesha tried for a takedown, got muscled to the mat, and it was all over. We have a new UFC bantamweight champion. The only person who can hold a belt in this division is Ronda Rousey.

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